Month: April 2019

Humble Beginnings – April 2019

I’m doing a new thing! It’s called Humble Beginnings, where I play the first hour of each thing in the humble monthly bundle, whether I think I’ll like it or not, and talk about my impressions! My goal with this project is to get myself trying more games and stop feeling like starting a game is making some sort of commitment to finish or continue it. Also, maybe I can try varying my writing voice and maybe impart some insights along the way….

Sekiro and Difficulty: My Two Cents

Quick Disclaimer: I talk a bit about accessibility and accounting for disabled players. I’m super not an expert on this topic! If I made any missteps in discussing this issue, please let me know. Last week saw the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the new game from Dark Souls developer From Software. As is…