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Top 10 Games 2019 – Wrapping Up

In the final days of 2019, I counted down my favorite ten games of the year by writing a solid 500-600 words about each one. But sometimes the fun of lists is more about seeing what’s on them! Here’s a condensed version of my top 10 list, all in one post, with short blurbs and…

Top 10 Games 2019 – #6: Untitled Goose Game

For many of us, video games are a space to be our best selves. We can be Commander Shepard and save all of our crewmates, or we can be Yu Narukami and help everyone in town with their troubles. Of course, there are also plenty of games that let us act out vices. We can be nihilistic murder-machines in Grand Theft Auto. We can be selfish thieves or demonic mages in Skyrim. We can hurt people, steal from them, kill them….